Your integrity is important to us and this privacy policy describes how Kirkens Nødhjelp/Norwegian Church Aid collects and uses personal data. The privacy policy is based on the legislation in Norway, where Kirkens Nødhjelp/Norwegian Church Aid is established.

The collection of information   

  • Information is collected from the registration of a CV profile and from updates of the profile through ”My page”, together with the IP address.
  • If you search for jobs or register your profile using the ”Search with LinkedIn” or “Search with Jobreg” functions, the system will fetch information that is available in your profile of the service that you are being authenticated with. This information will then be stored in your profile.
  • We collect aggregated data regarding the visitors to our website, such as traffic data, location data, etc.
  • In some cases, we store the e-mail correspondence with you when you have contacted us.
  • The system enters cookies into your web browser, as it is described in the document regarding cookies.

This is what the information is used for
The information that is collected is used where necessary to:

  • Deliver our services to you and to communicate with you about the services.
  • Analyze your qualifications and to facilitate current and future recruitment and staffing assignments.
  • Inform about relevant openings and offerings that we can provide.
  • Be compliant with legal requirements.
  • Maintain security – the IP address is being collected in order for you to be able to get an overview of the IP addresses that have been used to log into your account.

Controller and Processor
Kirkens Nødhjelp/Norwegian Church Aid is the Controller and the party that owns the data that is entered to the system. The Processor, Recruitment Manager AS, is the party responsible for the system solution, that develops, maintains and operates the system where your personal data is being stored. Recruitment Manager AS uses sub-contractors to perform some of the Processor tasks.

There is a separate Data Processing Agreement between Kirkens Nødhjelp/Norwegian Church Aid and Recruitment Manager AS, which regulates the type of information that the Controller is to have access to and how the information is to be handled.

Third parties

Kirkens Nødhjelp/Norwegian Church Aid wishes to process your personal data, and the data also needs to be available for presentation to customers and other collaborating partners to Kirkens Nødhjelp/Norwegian Church Aid. The Controller and the Processor are required to comply with the requirements that are stated by law.

To use the data efficiently, and to be able to offer you the best services possible, it is sometimes necessary to send information to a third party. These third parties have separate and independent privacy policies. Kirkens Nødhjelp/Norwegian Church Aid is not responsible for the content and the activities in associated services. However, we still wish for the data within those services to be protected and welcome any feedback related to the area.

Right to access, change or erase your personal data

As registered within the system, you have the right to request access and correction of your personal data, or for it to be erased, as it is stated in the Privacy Act § 18, §§ 27 and 28. The request is to be responded to without charge and within 30 days.

Note that these are referring to the current Norwegian privacy law. When GDPR comes into effect, it is important that these are updated for them to refer to the GDPR legislation.

If you should wish to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data, you do this by deleting your profile.

As a candidate, you may at any time delete your profile from “My profile” in the system, or you can contact Kirkens Nødhjelp/Norwegian Church Aid to receive assistance. By accessing your profile, you can also change the information that you have added to your system profile.

If you want to have access to the information that Kirkens Nødhjelp/Norwegian Church Aid has about you, or if you have any questions or comments, just contact your contact person with us or send an e-mail message to rekruttering@nca.no.